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The perfect pair of sunglasses accentuates your own personality and, most importantly, provides protection. You can recognize top quality by these four attributes.


Anyone concerned about protecting themselves against the sun will be thinking of sun cream, but the invisible UV rays are a danger to our eyes too. However, you can protect your eyes using Silhouette sunglasses with factor 400 premium UV protection. At the same time you will be creating a stylish look that will bring a radiant beam to your face. You will be able to cut a dashing figure at the same time as keeping those UV rays away from your conjunctiva, retina, and cornea. Wearing shades has never been this amazing.

The risk increases through from gentle evening light all the way up to bright sunshine coupled with a reflective base surface such as snow or water. Importantly, the Silhouette UV protection of factor 400 remains the same in all different conditions.


The temperature is not the only difference between an early evening on a French beach in September and an afternoon spent skiing on the Stubai Glacier in Austria: The light intensity is different. That’s why wearers of glasses should choose appropriate the absorption rate of visible sunlight of the lens depending on their activity. The darker the lenses, the greater is the reduction of the glare. Polarized lenses will further increase the glare protection of the sunlenses.


In addition to reduced glare and UV protection, a pair of sunglasses must also fit correctly. In the case of a pair of Silhouette rimless sunglasses with a free field of vision, the fit is excellent, and the eyewear is light and contoured to the shape of the wearer’s head. For sure the fashion aspects also need to be considered.


Sometimes you can simply feel the quality of a product, and this is the case with Silhouette sunglasses. Firstly, because 80 percent of the 200 production steps required to produce each model are carried out by hand with loving attention to detail and great precision. Secondly, due to Silhouette’s unique method of working with titanium and our own patented form of plastic, SPX. This combination of high-quality materials results in a perfect balance between lightness and durability, while naturally protecting the eyes.


The eyewear feels agreeably light to wear and fits perfectly. This is borne out by the fact that wearers are often blissfully unaware that they are wearing any glasses at all. Such was the case for the models in this photoshoot one late October day on a beach near Barcelona. During the lunch break the photographer, Serge Guerand, pointed out that none of the four models had taken off their Silhouette sunglasses. This was the clearest possible indication of how they had come to appreciate the lightness of the eyewear.

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