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Face of Silhouette: Leonildo Contis

  Date of Birth: 04-05-1967

Birthplace: Sanluri
Place of Living: Cagliari
Job: Chef pâtissier and chocolatier
Passion: My job, wine, travelling


  • Myopic or Farsighted?

Myopic, but I am 50 years old and I also need progressive lens.

  • Why Silhouette?

Because I like the design and the lightness of the eyewear.

  • Without glasses, I am…

I feel almost naked… My glasses protect my eyes and make me feel good.

  • I prefer to see…

I need to observe everything around me because I am very curious. I look and dwell on details that make a difference.

  • Who or what I don`t want to see…

I don’t want to see things created with disregard… I don’t want to see the indolence of some people.

  • Instagram- and Facebook-Accounts I have always in view:

I usually check my profiles and the ones of some friends of mine who do my same job.  I know that I can learn something new everyday and I draw inspiration from everything around me.

  • My glasses mean to me…

They are a state to being: serious, comic, or ironic. All key attributes that are part of me.

  • I find myself preferably with…

Wearing comfortable glasses.

  • Rimless or Fullrim?

Both, rimless sunglasses and fullrim for eye glasses.

  • Why?

Because rimless is very light.

  • What do you prefer to see in your city?

The sea.

  • What do you see conditioned by your job?

My everyday mood.

  • My favourite eyewear trend…

Minimalism and lightness, with a touch of unique personality.

  • What makes you unique?

My optimism, with my good cheer.

  • My Silhouette is unique, because…

It makes me feel good and it is part of me.

  • Your favourite artists or works

For music, I like listening “The Muse”. In art, I like Francesco Vaglica. For sculpture, Pinuccio Sciola and I love the opera work “Carmen”.

  • What did you feel the first time you wore a pair of Silhouette?

I felt very light!

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