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Hit the Slopes in Smith I/O MAG Goggles

New I/O MAG goggles from Smith are designed for optimized performance and offer irresistible styles with vivid colorations. The rimless design utilizes the brand’s proprietary MAG lens change system, which features a magnetic and weatherproof design that self-guides lenses into position and offers reliable resistance to adverse forces and rotations during movement to ensure the goggles stay secure. Meanwhile, a simple lever mechanism easily swaps lenses to adapt to changing light conditions. The brand’s iconic ChromaPop lenses have it all with fog-free technology and a maximized field of view in fresh tints including icy silvers, captivating greens, fierce purples and bold reds. Strap designs showcase camouflage patterns, marbled effects, geometric designs and more for an added touch of panache. Check ‘em out, below.


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