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Must-Haves For Back To School 2018

going back to school

The holidays are nearly over. Mums everywhere may be letting out a sigh of relief, but this also means that the kids need some new kit for going back to school. For some, this includes eyewear. That is why we have selected our top 5 pairs of specs for little ones. We have also included a helpful guide on what to look out for when buying children’s eyewear.


To kick things off, here is our quick guide on buying eyewear online for children:


Where children’s eyewear is concerned, extra care must be taken in order to avoid nasty allergic reactions (nickel is the biggest culprit) to certain metals or plastics. To avoid this, a variety of hypoallergenic frames are now available. You should easily be able to confirm what material it is in the product description. Frame flexibility and corrosion resistance are also important if these glasses are to last them more than five minutes! Examples of materials that have all three features are titanium and monel.


Seeing as children’s nose bridges are underdeveloped and therefore smaller, it is crucial to find eyeglasses with built-up bridges or nose pads that fill any gaps. However, to avoid irritation the safest option would be to purchase eyeglasses without nose pads that come specifically from a children’s eyewear range. The glasses will then also be prevented from flying off their faces.


Due to their tendency to fall off, different temple styles have been developed purposefully for children’s glasses. Standard skull temples are more practical for the regular wearer because they are easy to remove. However, for the toddlers, babies and super-active kids there are other options. Cable temples, for example, gently wrap themselves around the ear. Alternatively, there are even straps that go all the way around the head.

Spring Hinges

This useful new development is perfect for heavy-handed little ones. Spring hinges have the ability to be pulled outward, which reduces frame damage and allows the fit to be adjusted. However, it is important to take into account that this feature can sometimes be a bit more expensive.


So there was our quick guide on finding the perfect pair of spectacles for your special one. Let’s take a look at our top 5 picks:



going back to school

Now only £56.95

These classic Ray-Ban eyeglasses are for the cool kid. The round shape is timelessly trendy and comes in a range of classic colour combinations. The absence of nose pads and malleable plastic also make them easy to wear.


Miraflex Baby Zero 2 Kids D

going back to school

Get these glasses now for only £40.95.

These round glasses are perfect for the littlest of little ones. All Miraflex eyewear eliminates the need for any metal or hard plastic parts and the non-slip elasticated band ensures that they stay on comfortably no matter what. These awesome eyeglasses are also BPA, rubber and latex free AND are hypoallergenic. What more could you ask for?


Etnia Barcelona Bedrock Kids LEGR

going back to school

Shop these specs here at just £89.95.

These sleek rectangular frames are super durable; enforced with classic rounded pins and made from hardy acetate, these specs are guaranteed to last. They also come in a wide range of fun colours for your child to choose from and have an extended nose bridge for a snug fit.


Ic! Berlin M1365 Konstanza-Aurora Kids

children's eyewear

Get these glasses for just £211.95.

These Ic! Berlin eyeglasses are not only trendy due to their round shape, but because of the neutral colours available (these ones being bronze), they will be easy to style. It doesn’t end there however; these spectacles have been made from 0.5MM sprung stainless steel. Therefore, they are corrosion-resistant and will survive all sorts. The hypoallergenic rubber arms will also keep them on comfortably!


SmartBuy Collection Brianna

children's eyewear

Get these exclusive eyeglasses here for only £24.95!

From our very own SmartBuy Collection, the Brianna eyeglasses are perfect for the fierce little fashionista! They come in over 10 different colours to suit any style your kid might desire. In terms of practicality, the Brianna spectacles have an extended bridge and are made from super strong plastic. With these little guys you can also get FREE lenses. Some coating options include anti-scratch and even UV protection.

So now that you’re equipped with our top tips for picking the perfect pair of eyeglasses, and you’ve seen our top picks, why not have a look for yourself on our site?

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