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My journey to a perfect vision

People who wear Silhouette Vision Sensation® reap the benefit of lenses that are perfectly matched to the frame. But what is the difference for the opticians? A search for clues.

Just now I was able to recognize different letters, but now all I can see is black dots. “When did you first notice that your sight was worse in your left eye?”, asks Peter Gumpelmayer. He runs a specialist optician’s store with his wife at Landstrasse 49 in Linz. I am sitting in the optometry examination room of the shop and the experienced optician and optometrist has taken a topographic photo of my cornea, taken a look at my retina, conjunctiva, and eyelid margins, and placed a pair of test lenses in front of my nose. I reply: “Only just now really.” The reason for my visit today is to acquaint myself with the Silhouette Vision Sensation®. This is revolutionary eyewear that manages to combine lenses that are second to none with perfect frames. I want to find out how it has been developed and what kind of an impact it makes. I also want to find out how the everyday world of opticians has changed since its advent. “Each pair of glasses involves us in less expense”, says the 54-year-old optician as he walks towards the showroom. Instead of two suppliers each sending separate components, he now receives a finished product of outstanding quality from a single source.

There is no longer any need for assembly in the workshop. Instead, the optician can now respond better to the trend that customers expect a more in-depth consultation: “Now I have more time to devote to every individual customer.” I now start to seek out my new eyewear. “You come across as an active person”, observes Franka Gumpelmayer. Then follows her advice: “Your head is shaped like an elongated oval, and angular shapes go well with that as they generate a dynamic”. The 45-year-old picks up a Silhouette Dynamics Colorwave. “Try these ones.” “They are light as a feather and barely change my face at all”, I think. And why Silhouette Vision Sensation® in particular? “The lens is perfectly matched with the frame. And you can experience comfortable, high-contrast vision.” I look contentedly into the mirror.

The following day I walk into the Lens Lab in Linz, which is where the Silhouette lenses and frame for my eyewear are “married together”, as the Technical Director Dieter Hochreiter puts it. He shows me the order form for my lenses. In a small basket there lies a folded job ticket with a QR code printed on it. This contains a summary of my individual parameters in a machine-readable format. And off the machines go! In 96 hours they will mill the raw lenses and make fine laser marks to coincide with the optimum point to look through in accordance with the optician’s specifications. There is more to come later: a coating and a number of top-quality anti-reflective and protective layers are applied, lenses are ground into shape and holes are drilled in which the bridge and temples will later be secured. In between these various operations, tinting is carried out manually because each lens requires a different length of time to get to the same color grade.

After a final quality control, my eyewear is assembled, packed, and sent off. Soon after my eyewear arrives at no. 49 Landstrasse, and Peter Gumpelmayer’s share of the workload begins: Do the glasses sit perfectly against the temples, are the nose pads adjusted properly? A little later I take an initial look through the eyewear, first at my surroundings and then into a small hand-held mirror. The spontaneous compatibility is impressive and the seeing experience outstanding. This eyewear is simply perfect, just like the process for producing it. I am now experiencing the world totally clearly, and I can read and recognize details like letters accurately again.

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