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New, exclusive masterpieces from the Silhouette Atelier Collection delight connoisseurs with their carefully selected buffalo horn and attention to detail.

The essence of each of these masterpieces is based on the particular Silhouette claim as formulated by the firm’s founders Anneliese and Arnold Schmied. Their vision was to “create the most beautiful eyewear and to regard optimum quality as a matter of course”. This philosophy is translated by the Silhouette Atelier Collection into high-quality details: exquisite materials, supreme comfort for the wearer, and precision workmanship – from the heart of Austria.

In 2018 the Silhouette Atelier Collection is being expanded to include a luxury material from nature, horn from Indian water buffalo – an animal that is revered and sustainably protected in its home country.

Horn is a unique and intriguing material for special types of eyewear. It is supple, non-allergenic, light, and comfortable. It is also as individual as a fingerprint; each and every horn manifests itself in a different pattern, a unique texture, and distinct hue within the spectrum of black, gray, brown, and ivory.

The particular ‘je ne sais quoi’ of Silhouette Atelier Collection eyewear results when the buffalo horn comes together with traditional craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology, and unique design. More than 80 precision work steps are involved in turning the fine material into a truly precious object which, in the Titanium X Horn and Horn X Art models, become a perfect luxury.

Exquisite eyewear: connoisseurs can sense the way in which these glasses accentuate their own personalities. This is because the natural uniqueness of the material is as special as the character of the individual. And this harmony between eyewear and person is another aspect of quality and ties in with the philosophy developed many years earlier by the founders of Silhouette.

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