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“Concrete Statement” – LINDBERG 2018 Highlights

…shot in Tadao Ando’s Architectural Masterpiece

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LINDBERG has enjoyed a reputation for timeless Scandinavian design for decades. The brand’s main focus remains on utmost quality in a reductionist, clean form language. In terms of materials, the Danish designer label has proven quite versatile: High-grade titanium is a staple in each collection, but LINDBERG has been known to blend the advantages of adjustable and lightweight titanium temples with other materials. Recent results include the Acetanium Collection crafted from acetate and titanium, the Buffalo Titanium Collection blending titanium temples with horn frames, and the Trae-Buffalo Collection adding a layer of wood for a refined finish.

The past few years have also been marked by an influx of modern styles into the collection. LINDBERG designers have surprised audiences with special shapes and carefully chosen details that defy expectations. In our opinion, the current collection is a real banger in terms of designs. It packs plenty of loud styles to help the most modern-minded cosmopolitans in 2018 make a state-of-the-art appearance and draw attention. Through it all, the most important feature of all LINDBERG frames remains constant: They are never “over the top” but despite all the eccentric touches and finesse always remain wearable. Achieving this precarious balance is a fine line, and the Danish brand walks it like no other. In our current photo shoot, we focus on the most striking new models – most of them pure-play titanium frames or Acetanium hybrids.

As the location for our Collection Shoot, we chose the Langen Foundation. The building – designed by Tadao Ando and located on a former NATO rocket base – is in a league of its own among the world’s photo and film locations. The Japanese super star architect skillfully blended – much like LINDBERG – a host of different materials in creating the Langen Foundation building. Except that he worked with concrete, steel, and glass, rather than titanium, acetate, horn or wood. But nevertheless, it creates the perfect backdrop for LINDBERG’S new fashion styles.

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