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WOOW With an Attitude

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Sunglasses are an essential part of street style. The brand-new concepts from WOOW Eyewear are cosmic and make it easy to find the right design with lots of ATTITUDE.

Discover the WOOW style – a combination of London beat and Paris fashion that will speak to anyone with a good sense of humour.

We fell in love with the witty little WOOW remarks on the end-tips that will surely make you smile. The new sunglasses from WOOW are RETRO-COOL and ULTRA-FLASHY. Exploring new trendy colours and expressions, yet true to the spirit of WOOW, the styles draw their inspiration from the 80’s and 90’s. Oversized shapes, colourful and very unique with either delicate floral patterns, shiny golden details and funky graphic lines made to WOO(W) their wearers!

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