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Not just another Valentine’s Day

This is not a Valentine’s Day gifting guide. Maybe it is, just a little bit. It’s more of a celebration of love in more than one way because – such is love. Ways that are (we feel) possibly more meaningful and relevant to you and I. We’re pushing the boundaries this new year and why should Valentine’s Day be any different, thought we? Let’s take a moment to consider eyewear as a gifting option that was always right in front of your eyes (pun intended) and yet never considered before now.

And here it comes, yup that’s Valentine’s Day around the corner once again. And with it comes the inevitable inundation of V-Day gifting collateral. From custom bouquets to monogrammed confectionary – Valentine’s Day is not for the faint of heart or wallet, it would seem. While there’s no denying that we do so love receiving gifts, the overdose of mushy consumerism can make even a true blue romantic nauseous.

Which is exactly why we thought of introducing a carefully curated selection of eyewear that aims to satisfy your requisite without having to feel like you’re losing out on a gift. Makes sense? If we’ve got your interest, keep reading.

Here at Global Eyeglasses, we are not really looking to shower unnecessary florals or stuffed toys on you. We believe that should you or your loved one, be in the market for some rad eyewear, our selection certainly aims to please – Valentine’s Day or not. Now, if you can make your loved one(s) happy with the aforementioned accessory while you’re at it – maybe we can redefine the limited range of gestures associated with Valentine’s Day. If that sounds like something up your alley then keep browsing for our special picks.

After all, who says eyewear can’t be coveted too?

Women’s Eyewear


The wacky red slash orangey-yellow tortoiseshell keeps your look ever so fresh and relevant. Vintage with a twist and how! These daring rounds in an eclectic finish lend an offbeat look to your styling. Just a smidgen of Valentine’s Day flair while absolutely perfect for “round” the year wear.



Pompous pink, paired with studded diamante’s and set in premium acetate. Bertie is very light and comfortable in addition to being effortlessly fearless and feminine. These take the cake in terms of styling and have received a lot of great feedback, might we add. The detailing is impeccable and grabs eyeballs wherever it goes.



The lovely two-toned Laguna is once again in the limelight thanks to its movie-star good looks. And which woman doesn’t want to look good? Much less for a Valentine’s Day outing whether with a spouse, date or just a fab friend? These are as versatile as they are easy on the eye owing to their featherweight fabrication. The vibrant duo color combination gives you both – an effortless day or night look with sparklers for that special touch.


Men’s Eyewear



Mc-too cool for high school! Mcbain is unabashedly bold without being over the top and possibly just what the special man in your life doesn’t even know he is missing. The jet black Italian acetate offsets the sharp rectangular styling and gets right down to business. Sound familiar? Then Mcbain is (for)your man.



Conner is perfect for the guy who does it all – works hard and parties harder. It is well-suited for all his day-to-day interactions, whether in his profession or his sport too. Connor is a rigorous pair of eyewear – handsome and hardy, for the man who is going places. So why not gift him an accessory that will accompany him no matter the environs?



Marc has won itself quite a few admirers already and loves all the attention. The metallic sheen and finish works well with most facial structures. You needn’t think too much about finding that perfect gift for him because here it is. The perfect gift for Valentine’s or just about any other day. He’ll be nearly as mad about Marc as he is about you!

Now head on over and snap up the best eyewear on offer right here at Global Eyeglasses! Happy Valentine’s by the way.

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