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The Economics Of Eyeglasses

If you wear prescription eyeglasses, you already
know that the price of lenses and frames can be astronomical for consumers,
especially those without insurance. If you go into any traditional,
brick-and-mortar eyeglass retailer, you will find yourself shelling out
hundreds of dollars, and that very well might be just for your lenses alone.
With the price of eyeglasses being so expensive in almost every physical store,
many people have resigned themselves to the belief that paying large amounts of
money in order to see properly is inevitable.

However, there are other, better options for
glasses wearers. Online eyeglass retailers are becoming increasingly popular as
consumers begin to realize that these retailers help them save money without compromising
quality. With online eyeglass retailers, customers can spend a fraction of the
price on lenses and frames as they would in a physical store.

Popular online retailers, like 39DollarGlasses,
offer prescription glasses starting at just $39. Our company was started by eye
doctors, so consumers can trust they are receiving high-quality glasses while
paying up to 70% less than they would
at a physical retail location. With online retailers like 39DollarGlasses
offering affordable, fashionable prescription glasses, many consumers are left
wondering why brick-and-mortar eyeglass retailers charge so much for their

Eyeglass Monopolies

While consumers know that frames can come in all
shapes, sizes, and materials, many people would be surprised to know that a lot
of them come from the same place, too. Luxottica, an Italian manufacturing
company, produces the majority of eyeglass and sunglass frames
that consumers find in brick-and-mortar stores. From Ray-Ban to Prada,
Luxottica owns several eyeglass brands.

With no significant competition to regulate
pricing, Luxottica is able to charge whatever amount will garner the most
profit. This is a major reason why online retailers are more important now than

Profit Margins

One reason why brick-and-mortar retailers offer
glasses at prices far higher than online retailers is because they have
significant profit margins. Glasses offered from both options use the same
materials and have the same quality, but the prices are often marked up in
physical stores. Considering that frames cost less than $10 on average to manufacture,
you should not be eager to spend $150 or more on frames in a store. Stick with
online retailers who will offer you the same frames at a reasonable price.
Because online retailers sell more frames, they can operate using a different
pricing model and offer their glasses at a discounted rate.

Additional Fees

When you purchase glasses from a traditional
retail store, you are paying for the extra fees that are accrued along the
manufacturing process. For each frame they sell, traditional stores have to pay
licensing fees to the brand, warehouse and distribution fees, shipping costs,
employee wages, and more.

Online retailers do not require all of these
additional fees, so your lenses and frames are not marked up to cover extra
costs for the retailer.

If you want a pair of reasonably priced
prescription eyeglasses, visit 39DollarGlasses and browse our extensive
selection of glasses and sunglasses.

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