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Time for a Digital Detox?

A few weeks ago, we introduced the concept of health is the new wealth. Well, for many in the health and wellness industry, the idea has been around for a long time but never really in the realm of protecting eyes. Over the past year, however, and through our efforts to help educate with the assistance of professionals in all kinds of related fields, things are changing very quickly.

Your daily goals being achieved, being able to go the distance in all that you do, and then getting a meaningful night’s sleep are incredibly important. Most Americans take steps each day to boost their energy and health whether it’s through exercise, an extra cup of coffee, going for a reinvigorating walk outside, or, believe it or not, by giving their eyes a break. The latest concept beginning to build up steam is for people to give themselves a digital detox. It’s not a bad idea. But for many, it’s also either not an option or a desired alternative to staying connected.

Based on cited studies from Pew Research Center, Nielsen, and Oxford University, there is an ever-growing number of people all around the world who are affected by the artificial blue light emanating from their digital devices. Since statistics show more than 83% of Americans report using a digital device for more than two hours a day, 60.5% of those people in turn report experiencing digital eye strain. This was all revealed this year at CES in Las Vegas by our friends at The Vision Council. On top of that, the American Medical Association recently issued a warning to all cities in the U.S. to stop using LED lighting because of how intense the blue light can be and disruptive it is for circadian rhythms. From this, Harvard then studied the issue further showing overly-lit conditions (extensive artificial lighting) can increase risk for cancer.

With so many new studies coming out about just how bad not protecting your eyes can be, it’s no wonder those in the health and wellness communities are now also jumping on board and encouraging everyone to take more precautions. Why wouldn’t you? It’s simple: when you’re unable to disconnect and walk away from a digital screen, and for all the times you have to keep staring at one, protecting your eyes is the best solution to avoiding harmful, high-intensity blue light. As we shared before, apps and devices that manipulate screen colors in order to lessen blue light are all well and good, but not nearly enough. And in max settings, everything being orange is definitely not ideal. So why bother struggling and avoiding the simplest, most convenient way in which you can get more protection than anything else?

Of course, we’re tooting our own horn here a bit, but with good reason. No one else compares to our tech, and since our lens design is patented, you know you’re getting top-quality. As well, with our new BPF (blue-light protection factor) rating, you can clearly gauge the difference in our lens options as well as in comparison to our competitors. For more information about BPF and why a healthy start to your day begins with your eyes, click here.

If you’re sick of the tired, itchy, burned-out feelings in your eyes and want to return to getting a good, deep, solid night’s rest, head to and join the Movement that’s sweeping across the planet.

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