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Top 6 Sunglasses Trends to have an uber cool Spring Summer 2018

It’s not just our imagination here, but days are definitely getting a little bit longer here. And what can be a better way to embrace the new spring summer season than with a cool pair of shades.

To walk toward hot and sunny days, you need to be up to date with the latest trends in spring summer 2018 sunglasses collections. New season’s ultimate trend? Funky & Bold frames that are not your usual aviators or wayfarers. It’s time for you to choose a pair of sunglasses that can make your outfits as something to remember.

Another trend that has gained a lot of popularity are the oversized sunglasses. So For this spring/ summer 2018, you better go big or go home. This season, different shapes of sunglasses came in to trend, but overwhelmingly, the over-sized sunglasses remains a crowd favourite as they’re perfect for protecting the eyes from the summer sun.

From stylish cat eye frames to some edgy rounded and rectangular shapes to materials made of plastic to metal to acetate, the sunglasses trends have been evolving a lot every year. This year, we saw some unique shapes and designs as well like the ones featuring unusual shapes, sci-fi inspired, retro colours or lots of embellishments.

Global Eyeglasses has a plenty of choice between sparkling and unique-shaped sunglasses, mirrored or tinted lenses and many more pairs that are runway approved.

Here are some of the hottest types of sunglasses that you should go for this spring/summer 2018.

Sunglasses Trend #1 – Flat top visors

If you want to be in style this season, forget about the regular D-frame aviators. This time, opt for a shield-style flat tops that are donned by a lot of celebrities these days, especially the Beckham brigade. The frames are flat along the top, upping the style quotient considerably.

Such styles look better with materials like plastic or acetate with metal detailing as they give a polished finish. While adding a little sci-fi vibe to your outfit, this can be called as a classy pair too. The frame shape is very flattering and the classic style can work for you season after season. These sunglasses speak for themselves, thus helping you make a fashion statement.

Sunglasses Trend #2 – Retro Cat Eyed Glasses

The star of the spring 2018 sunglasses trends is the cat eyed frame. Cat-eyed glasses are going through more changes this year and many styles are becoming more elegant with classic, clean lines.This shape is a mainstay as it elongates the face beautifully, and perfectly brings out the elegance in your look. The oversized version of these glasses also has a retro flare that’s stylish.

Be it an extreme shaped glasses or the simple, archetypal ones, add the maximum drama to your outfit with different varieties of Cat eye sunglasses this spring 2018. You can also add a twist to them by choosing tinted lenses or by going for a transparent frame.

Sunglasses Trend #3 – Multi coloured Frames

If a single color was not enough, you might want to consider one of the trending bi-coloured or multi-coloured frames that Global Eyeglasses got to offer.

Our best seller one has oval lenses ensconced within an acetate frame with a multi-coloured tortoiseshell texture (white, blue, or red) and metal detailing in the bridges and temples. The massive frames, which almost a full half of the face are tri-colored with rings of color covering the perimeter of the lenses.

These kind of frames don’t just add a pop of colour to your face but give the whole summery outfit a fashionable outlook. Just make sure you don’t overdo the colours by going for contrasting lens shades. Keep one of them subtle to get the best results.

Sunglasses Trend #4 – Round frame Glasses

Retro is forever and so are the rounded sunglasses. From thin wire-frame sunglasses with coloured lenses as sported by Johnny Depp to a stylish steampunk variation with wooden frames, there are a lot of variety when it comes to choosing a round sunglasses.

The oversized glasses sure do offer the best protection from both the sun and from having to look people in the eye. But if you prefer a softer look, you might want to go for our round wooden glasses below. This à la mode pair has a lens with subdued brown colour with full metal rim supported by a wooden frame near the nose that gives it a trendsetting look.  

The second pair has a distinct edge as the solid tortoiseshell frame on top gives funky and an angular look too the dark tinted round frames in them. So if you’re person who likes jazz the things up a little, this is a perfect fit for your likes.

Sunglasses Trend #5 – Double Bridge Glasses

A double bridge frame style on sunglasses is a design element started in the late 60’s that still does not look old-fashioned. It infact, can work exceptionally well with unisex sunglasses designs.

The first pair of glasses listed below is a creative mix of acetate and metal frame that has an angular metal bridge. While the solid striped acetate rim already made it interesting, the top bridges made of metal sitting high above the brows gave then a unique yet stylish blend of retro styles.

The second pair is more of a classic aviator inspired glasses with a tinted lens and metal bridges that matches your browline. By adding minimal colour to the acetate part of the frame, these glasses definitely make a cut above the rest.

Sunglasses Trend #6 – Angular Frames

The sunglasses with angular frames can either be simple and sophisticated or be bold and loud with a hint of retro charm. It all depends on the kind of design you go for.

Even though this was not a primary trend, it is hard to deny that the sharp and angular frames of last season still have room in your wardrobe collection. This particular sunglass trend is for anyone who likes to appear a little more put together yet edgy at the same time.

While you can always choose between a plethora of shapes and sizes, the rectangular frames listed below which has sharp solid black edges looks less hipster and more badass.

The second pair which is more of half hexagon and half oval, is a hand-made frame out of the precious buffalo horn that gives a sophisticated and an artistic take on the classic shape.

These are just some of the many trends that keep popping every season of the year. It all ultimately comes down to what kind of glasses suit your face shape and what kind of style reflects your personality. Explore our sunglasses collections below and pick one for yourself this spring/summer 2018


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