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Why choose contact lenses while playing sports

If you’re a chashmish, you’ll know that this can prove tricky when it comes to playing sports.


Even top athletes don’t prefer eyeglasses when they’re in the game. Why? Because they tend to fog up, slip and also fall off.  To make it worse, they provide no peripheral (side) vision and temples can be distracting.

Imagine you are in an intense battle, just one point away from bragging rights but your glasses slip at the crucial moment, and you suffer defeat. The best way to avoid such painful situations is by wearing contact lenses. It is a safe and practical method of helping your eyesight plus it gives you the freedom to focus on your game rather than adjusting your eyeglasses.

Here’s how contact lenses are better than eyeglasses while playing sports:


The best part of wearing contact lenses on the field is that they offer an excellent level of stability while glasses can be quite annoying. Eyeglasses can easily slip while running around and even a simple act of jumping out of excitement is enough to displace them. This will lead to the divided attention of the wearer whereas there is very less chance of lens falling out when participating in sports. It will give the wearer a sense of security, and they can focus on their game more.

Broader field of view

While playing, one needs to have an eye on the entire area so that there is no delay and a quick response emanates when required. However, the frame of the eyeglasses restricts the vision. The temples of the frame act as an obstruction to the side view, which is quite imperative when it comes to sports. Also, the overall frame limits the vision.

Conversely, the lenses are devoid of any frames, and hence there is no restriction. They offer an all-round view, and the player can easily track what’s going around them. It helps in a heightened response from the performer.

Reduces the risk of injury

Injuries are part of the game, but certain damages can be avoided. For instance, injuries caused by eyeglasses can be entirely prevented by merely switching to contact lenses. There have been so many cases where a person injured his or her eyes because a tennis ball or basketball hit their face when wearing glasses, which resulted in trauma from both the lenses and frames. However, lenses reduce the risk of accidents which makes them a safer alternative.

No hazy, foggy experience

The last thing one would want on a playing field is getting their eyeglasses all foggy and cloudy. However, it is a common phenomenon. The moisture and humidity while playing make the spectacles all foggy, and one can barely see through them. This adds a lot of risks, especially when someone is fully involved in the game. An easy way out is the contact lenses which remain clear irrespective of the weather.

Compliments the safety gears

There are so many sports that demands putting on safety wears, be it a safety goggle or a headgear. But it poses a difficulty for the people who wear specs. One cannot merely put on a helmet because the eyeglasses come in the way. Whereas the ones wearing glasses already cannot put on the protective goggles, hence being at risk. But the all in one solution is the contact lenses. Just wear them and don all the safety gear without any complications.

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