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Protect Your Peepers in Style with I Heart Eyewear

Say goodbye to digital eye strain symptoms with the new I Heart Eyewear readers that are made for use with digital devices. Whether you’re in the office staring at your computer all day or on the couch scrolling through Pinterest, these readers offer ultra-chic styles, and lens coatings that can help alleviate reported symptoms of digital eye strain. Square and modified rounded silhouettes feature lenses with anti-reflective and blue light filtering coatings, plus distinct details including elegant keyhole bridges and subtle two-toned fronts. Classic colorations, trendy translucents, simplistic blacks and quintessential tortoises offer a look for everyone. Take a look, below.

I Heart Eyewear (Malibu), I Heart Eyewear (Ziggy), I Heart Eyewear (Windsor), I Heart Eyewear (Belmont)

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