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Baron Fig Mastermind Desk Pad Mini

Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Mini Front

Our friends over at Baron Fig always keep us well stocked on their new products, and although I’m a little behind in terms of getting stuff posted I wanted to get this one out there.  This is their new(er) Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Desk Pad Mini. (via the Baron Fig website) Check it out there, but for a quick closer look keep on reading below.

Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Mini Back

As you can see from the back of the cover on the Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Desk Pad Mini, the note pad measures 5.3″ x 8″ and has dot grid ruled paper.  For me I still struggle with the dot grid format, its far from a favorite for me, but that just comes down to personal preference and I don’t consider it a negative here.  I do however wish it was also available in a ruled, grid, or blank format.

Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Mini two Pads

Each pack of the Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Desk Pad Mini comes with two note pads. Each of the two note pads you see above contains 35 sheets of paper, and while the dot grid ruling is on the front of each page in light grey ink, the back of each page is blank.  Considering the layout and binding method for this note pad I guess its not surprising that the paper isn’t really designed to be written on on the back side. It has a glued edge at the top, so the pages flip up, so from a practical sense I wouldn’t imagine writing on the back of these sheets of paper would make sense.

Baron Fig Mastermind Dot Grid Desk Pad Mini Writing Sample

Much like any other Baron Fig paper I’ve written on, I’ve enjoyed it with a variety of different writing implements.  Most of all I’m always curious to see how fountain pens work out on different papers, and I didn’t really see any issues here with this paper in the Mastermind Desktop Mini Note Pad.  Each of the pens wrote nicely on the paper which has a very smooth surface and handled each of these three inks fairly well.  If you look really close you will see that there is an incredibly minor bit of feathering, but to be honest its hardly visible to the naked eye and I only really noticed it when I zoomed in on the high quality scan of the writing sample.  As I mentioned earlier, the pad really isn’t designed to write on both sides of the paper, but there is enough show through with the Pilot Precise V5 (not the other two) that would deter me from using the back if that was my go to pen for this paper. Overall, the Baron Fig Mastermind Desk Pad Mini is a great little note pad minus my personal distaste for the dot grid format.  Don’t forget that by ordering multiple quantities you can save from 5-10% on your overall order.  Check ’em out here on the Baron Fig website.


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