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Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook Review

Hustle Co A5 Hardcover Notebook Binding

So its a pretty simple thing that differentiates the Hustle Co. Hardcover Notebook from a lot of other notebooks I’ve reviewed. I’m not about to say its a different that offers a huge (or any) functional advantage, but it looks cool and its what grabbed my attention about this notebook initially.  The binding on the Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook has the same great looking and feeling material that its composed of, but the contrasting colors really grabbed my attention for some reason.  The colors are one thing but the build itself is another, these are separate pieces, not just a strip of material that is taped across the binding.  Call me shallow, but I really like how it looks and that was the reason I was attracted to this notebook.  Before we look closer at the Hustle Co. Hardcover Notebook, I’ll just point out that I purchased this with my own slightly-hard earned $13 with no direction or compensation from the manufacturer, and if you want to grab one for yourself you can do so via the world dominating company called Amazon right here.

Hustle Co A5 Hardcover Notebook Review Pen Loop Spine

Another nice feature of the Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook is that it has an elastic pen loop.  Sure, so do a billion other notebooks, but this one is actually on the binding of the notebook as opposed to the other side where the notebook opens.  This is a nice feature because the notebook still opens fairy nicely like this and its another little feature that makes this notebook stand out a little more from the masses.  The loop itself is pretty flexible and pretty strong, which to be honest was a little surprising after feeling the elastic closure strap that holds the notebook closed. One of my pet peeves is weak elastic for the closure bands on notebooks and although there is no way to tell for sure without months or years of use, the closure band on this notebook gives me some pause in terms of its ability to not get saggy over time. But in all honest thats the only (perceived) flaw I found in my time with this lovely notebook.

Hustle Co A5 Hardcover Notebook Review Back Cover

One thing that I’ve always been an advocate for since I started this blog (almost 10 years ago, yikes!) is minimal branding on products.  As far as the Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook goes, they nailed it.  The only obvious branding you will find here is in small print on the back cover right at the bottom.

Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook Review Lay Flat

If you are wondering if the Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook opens and lays flat I think the whole concept of a picture being worth 1000 words probably works well here. I did have to apply a very minimal amount of pressure to the binding to have it lay like this, but it was certainly within a reasonable expectation on my end.  Inside the notebook its worth mentioning that the back cover also has an expandable pocket that you can toss business cards, receipts, or other important documents in.

Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook Writing Sample:

Hustle Co Hardcover Notebook Writing Sample

My first choice of pen for this 120gsm paper was a Pelikan M805 with Noodlers Australian Roses ink.  To be honest I lost count but I think that ink took about about 487 and a half light years to dry on this paper.  Luckily all of the other inks came in at a very reasonable 1-3 seconds to dry , and that included one of my favorite fountain pen inks, Noodlers QEternity. I also didn’t notice any significant amount of feathering or spread on this 120 gsm acid free paper.  I’m slightly sad though because my scan of this page kept cutting off the lower corner that has a circle where you can add a page number and dress it up like a baseball if you want, but the baseball effect gets lost when my scanner crops the bottom 1/8″ of the page every time.  Overall though this feels like a great notebook and it has a little bit of its own personality with the nicely constructed and alternating colored binding and the nice sturdy elastic strap on the binding too.  Have a go at it if you are looking for a new notebook, for only about $13 its all yours over on Amazon.

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