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Our First May 2018 Monthly Giveaway Winner and What NOT to Buy from Amazon

AmazonBasics Permanent Markers

I usually use this space to share a good deal or interesting product, but sometimes avoiding mistakes is just as important as finding a hidden gem.  In this case, I’ve seen a pretty huge blog promoting these AmazonBasics Permanent Markers as a good deal, but I think this is a good case of buyer beware.  I reviewed the AmazonBasics gel ink pens and they weren’t great, and if you look at the reviews of these on the Amazon site you will see a lot of disappointed customers with pictures to back up some of their experiences, so my experience says that even at only about $5 for 24 markers, these AmazonBasics Permanent Markers are a DO NOT BUY.

Field Notes Coastal Hologram Effect

Now on to the good stuff, if your name is Tricia Oehler you just won yourself a pack of the Field Notes Coastal edition pocket notebooks.  Tricia, if you reply to the email that everyone received this morning, or just use the About/Contact link below to get in touch, we will get these on the way to you!  For anyone else who hasn’t yet signed up for our twice monthly giveaway, you can do so right here.  Thanks to everyone who has signed up and continues to support the blog! 😀

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