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Rapesco Supaclip Emoji Paper Fastener

The Rapesco Supaclip Emoji Paper Fastener isn’t the first paper binding system I’ve reviewed, however it is the first I’ve reviewed that has emoji faces painted on the clips.  Obviously that is a huge game changer. I picked up this version right here from Amazon where there are multi-color, silver, pink, and pink smiley face versions available.

If you check out the back of the Rapesco Supaclip paper fastener package at the top you can see two nice illustrations about how to use this, but I’ve also tried to capture the same in photos below.  They also suggest you might want to close up bags of snack and cereal with them, but I’m not so sure about that.

Rapesco Supaclip Emoji Paper Fastener

Inside the Rapesco Supaclip paper fastener package you will find one clear handheld device that stores and affixes the binder clip like emoji paper fasteners to your documents.  You will also find 25 emoji style, reusable paper fasteners.  There is a mix of smiley faces, half frown faces, and a smiley winking face.  Oddly I only came across one of the smiley winking faces in the mix of 25 though.

Rapesco Supaclip Emoji Paper Fastener Refill

Although the dispenser comes fully loaded with 8 of the clips in it, I thought it would be helpful to quickly show (see above) how to refill the Rapesco Supaclip Paper Fastener. In order to refill it you just place the clips into the opening on the top of the back end and give them a little nudge until they slip in, where they will stay securely until you dispense them out the other end.

Once you slide one or more of the emoji clips into the dispenser, the grey slider on top acts as the trigger to slide it out through the front opening to attach to your stack of paper.  These can be used to hold anywhere from 2-40 sheets of 20lb paper stock.

Before you actually start to push one of the emoji clips out to the front end with the grey slider, you will want to feed your paper into the front opening of the dispenser.  The clip is then forced to open while it slides over two long metal bands that surround the paper(s).  Once the clip is fully pushed out of the front end, the clip returns to a closed position securing your papers together.


Here is one more quick picture to show the inner workings of the Rapesco Supaclip Emoji Paper Fastener inserting the clips edges over a stack of paper.  An additional note on usage is that when you want to use the next clip, you need to tilt the unit forward so they slide to the front, and then press down the grey slider as you move it forward so the slider catches behind the wide part of the clip.

Rapesco Supaclip Emoji Paper Fastener – Quick Summary:

Obviously the Rapesco Supaclip Paper Fastener with emoji clips is a fun little office supply and is probably great for teachers.  If you go with the silver or multi-color clips you can use them for standard organizing needs too.  As you can see in the picture above though, my particular set of emoji clips left behind some residue, but after they were used anywhere from 1-3 times, that residue no longer appeared on any papers I attached them to.  So anyway, these are definitely a fun accessory and can also be great for organizing, so grab yourself some here from Amazon and get clipping.

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