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Deals & Drops: It’s Not to Late to Start Planning and Journaling


My mailbox has been overflowing recently with sample planners and journals, to the point where I can’t get caught up enough to do a full-length review of them all. That said, you can pretty much guarantee that the paper in anything Quo Vadis/Clairefontaine is going to be excellent for fountain pens, and the paper in the Tempus Planner and Baron Fig notebooks also plays nice. Undated planners are a great way to go if, like me, you don’t necessarily need a lot of structure on a weekly basis, and maybe only want to break them out from time to time. I’ve included some other good things in here as well, including a new release in the Taccia Spectrum lineup and some modern designs from Yoshi Nakama. Happy shopping!

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  1. Quo Vadis Life Journal Infinite (via Vanness Pens). Quo Vadis recently sent me a sample of one of their “Life Journals,” an undated planner made for the bullet journal system and featuring 224 pages of exceptionally fountain pen friendly Clairefontaine dot grid paper. If you’re looking for a more structured BuJo experience, give this a try.

  2. Tempus Planner (via Tempus Planner/Amazon). Another undated planner somewhat similar to the Trigg Life Mapper I reviewed a while back, but undated so it may appeal to those who found the Trigg too structured. The Tempus Planner uses a daily “action item” format, with periodic “review” pages. The paper works decently with fountain pens, but I wouldn’t push it with especially broad or wet nibs.

  3. Baron Fig “Grow” Journal (via Baron Fig). I’ve mentioned recently that Baron Fig has moved away from their previous trend of “special edition” Confidant notebooks towards special purpose notebooks in the Confidant size. If you’ve wanted to try your hand at journaling, but have been too intimidated to get started, the “Grow” Journal offers a one-page-per-day guided structure to help you form and keep the habit!

  4. Endless Recorder Tomoe River Notebook (via Pen Chalet). If you want even less structure at a price point that certain to not break the bank, then check out Pen Chalet’s line of in-house notebooks, each of which contains 160 pages of 68 gsm Tomoe River Paper.

  5. Taccia Spectrum in Mosaic Umber (via The Nibsmith). This thing is gorgeous! I previously reviewed the Taccia Spectrum, and liked the pen, but the colors didn’t appeal to me. The combination of the barrel design with a Sailor nib at this price point might tip me over the edge.

  6. Sailor Pro Gear Graphite Lighthouse (via The Nibsmith). Sailor’s latest North American exclusive features “Graphite” gray acrylic with a clear cap finial. The pen comes in both standard and slim models.

  7. Visconti Homo Sapiens Magma Series (via Pen Chalet). I wasn’t sure what to think of this latest Homo Sapiens release but at the end of the day the red/black/ruthenium combo won me over.

  8. Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue (via Appelboom). Easily my personal favorite of the 2019 Pelikans, after seeing this one in person. Granted, I haven’t seen the M1000 Stresemann yet, but this year’s M101N is at the top of the list for my annual Pelikan purchase.

  9. TWSBI Eco Transparent Orange (via TWSBI/Amazon). Don’t miss out on the most recent release from TWSBI! I reviewed this one yesterday and it’s a stunner.

  10. Sailor Ink (via Anderson Pens). Grab your 50ml bottles of Sailor before they all sell out! Sailor is moving to a 20ml standard, with a steep increase in price per ml.

  11. Monteverde Giant Sequoia Fountain Pen (via Goldspot Pens). This week’s “weekly dip” special is a steep discount on Monteverde’s oversize “Giant Sequoia” fountain pen, with this model known for attractive acrylics.

  12. Organics Studio Emoji Series Unicorn Blood Shimmer Ink (via Vanness Pens). If this is your thing, you’ll know it from the title and I don’t need to describe it any further.

  13. Fox Spirit and Deuce of Gears Fountain Pen (via 18111com/Etsy). What a name/what a pen! Yoshi Nakama has this new pen listed, which has a completely different aesthetic than his other releases. This “Gold Diamonds Storm” pen also has a more modern aesthetic that some might find interesting.

  14. Postmark’d Stationery Subscription Box (via Postmark’d). Postmark’d is a stationery subscription service for snail mail enthusiasts, that allows you to get a monthly delivery of cards, etc. to send to your pen pals! Check the sidebar for a coupon code that will get you a discount off of your first box.

  15. Bellroy Carry Products (via Huckberry). Bellroy makes some of my favorite items for personal carry, from pouches to folios to wallets. Curated retailer Huckberry has a wide array of Bellroy products.

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