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Deals & Drops: Pre-Vacation Mail Call!


Wouldn’t you know it that the day before I leave for vacation I end up with five new pens in the mail? I’m not going to ink these up until after I get back, but I’m really pleased with the overall feel and quality on these pens and can’t wait to test them out. Two are from PenBBS and two are from Live In You, both higher-end Chinese brands that I’ve heard many good things about, and at least from a presentation and feel perspective, the reputation is deserved. The fifth pen, which will surprise no one, is another Momento Zero, as I failed to resist the Hawaii resin and added one to my collection! Happy Shopping!

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  1. PenBBS 469 Double-Ended Eyedropper Fountain Pen (via eBay). I love the red spiderweb/”splatterpaint” design on this otherwise transparent eyedropper. It looks as good in person as it does in the pictures.

  2. PenBBS 456 Vacuum Filler Fountain Pen (via eBay). Again, the material on this pen looks gorgeous in person and the quality feels comparable to a TWSBI, which is the price point PenBBS competes with.

  3. Live In You MuChun “Mountain Series” Fountain Pen (via eBay). I’ve heard people rave about Live In You’s acrylics, and they’re absolutely right. The material on both of my pens is gorgeous, and the pen feels well made. A Schmidt nib to boot.

  4. Live In You Huangyan “Mountain Series” Fountain Pen (via eBay). Another wonderfully deep acrylic, this one with a darker pattern. Perhaps the pen that I was most excited about.

  5. PenBBS Etsy Store (via Etsy/PenBBS). If you prefer a more structured shopping experience than combing eBay, PenBBS sells directly over Etsy, with the various models organized by number. Unfortunately, the Etsy store does not appear to be stocked with all of the various options in terms of materials.

  6. Nettuno 1911 Fountain Pens (via Pen Chalet). I’ve not seen these pens from Nettuno before, but these “Black Sands Black” black-trimmed pens are attractive.

  7. Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Hawaii (via Pen Chalet). As mentioned above, I picked up another addition to my Momento Zero collection, adding the gorgeous Blue Hawaii acrylic. Look for a follow-up to my recent review at some point.

  8. Leonardo Momento Zero Rosewood Ebonite (via The Nibsmith). Now that I have Momento Zeroes in celluloid and acrylic, what’s next? Maybe add an ebonite version? I had the chance to see this pen in person at the Atlanta Pen Show, and what do you know? It’s gorgeous and flawlessly made.

  9. Aurora Oceani Collection (via The Nibsmith). Available for pre-order now, these new pens appear to be a completely different model from anything in their standard lineup. Beautiful, but at a premium price.

  10. Vanness Pinnacle by Newton Pens (via Vanness). The Pinnacle is back in stock! Don’t miss out on Shawn Newton’s new collaboration with Vanness. These pens sold out quickly at all of the shows I attended earlier this year. That dark purple is killer!

  11. Pen Wraps by PK Custom Goods (via Etsy/PKCustomGoods). Several new items are available at the restocked PK Custom Goods Etsy store. Check out these pen wraps that made an initial appearance at the Atlanta Pen Show last month.

  12. Sailor Pro Gear in Textured/Ribbed Pattern (via Anderson Pens). These ribbed Pro Gears are scarce, but the Andersons have one in stock. A very cool pen that you don’t see too often.

  13. PenBBS Pen and Ink Gift Sets (via Goldspot). While we’re on a PenBBS kick, Goldspot is offering a special deal where you get a pen and five random ink samples! One option includes the double-ended eyedropper!

  14. Pelikan M101N Grey-Blue (via Appelboom). My current favorite of all the Pelikan M101N models, after seeing this one in person. Granted, I haven’t seen the M1000 Stresemann yet, but this pen is at the top of the list for my annual Pelikan purchase.

  15. Huckberry Memorial Day Weekend Sale! (via Huckberry). There’s a massive sale going on at Huckberry, heading into the U.S. Memorial Day weekend. Check out markdowns on their everyday carry goods and other items, including watches.

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