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Deals & Drops: Summer Vacation 2019 Edition

Crazy notebooks like this one from Nuuna are now in stock and available for purchase at Vanness!

Crazy notebooks like this one from Nuuna are now in stock and available for purchase at Vanness!

Yes, I continue to surf the internet for stationery during my vacation. You know you do it too. Apparently there’s a bunch of stuff coming out that I’ve missed entirely! Happy Shopping, and see you all Monday!

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  1. Esterbrook “Pen Nook” Cases (via Anderson Pens). Esterbrook’s new series of pen cases will be available next week (beginning of June) and Anderson pens now has these available for pre-order. A combination pen sleeve and pen box, it’s an interesting take on pen storage and daily carry.

  2. Montegrappa Game of Thrones “Winter Is Here” Limited Edition (via The Nibsmith). Dan has one of the Game of Thrones fountain pens in stock. I’ve seen this pen in person, and for the ultimate GoT fan, it’s a cool pen with stunning detail.

  3. Waldmann Fountain Pens (via Pen Chalet). There are so many smaller German brands that fly under the radar. Waldmann is apparently one of them, and has apparently been around for more than 100 years.

  4. Diplomat Aero Volute Fountain Pen (via Pen Chalet). Diplomat has really been expanding the Aero lineup lately, including this crazy “Volute” design.

  5. Nuuna Notebooks (via Vanness Pens). When I visited the Vanness Pens for the Arkansas Pen Show, I had the opportunity to check out some notebooks from Nuuna, which feature interesting graphics as well as fountain pen friendly Munken paper.

  6. TWSBI Diamond 580ALR in Purple (via Amazon). If you’ve been eagerly awaiting the TWSBI Diamond 580 ALR in purple, your wait is almost over.

  7. TWSBI Diamond 580ALR (via Amazon). Though the color versions are cool, the standard version with nickel gray trim and the textured grip might be my favorite TWSBI ever.

  8. KACO Victoria & Albert Museum Series Fountain Pen (via Amazon). KACO has released an interesting take on the “Sky” model, drawing on motifs from London’s Victoria & Albert Museum.

  9. Moonman C1 Eyedropper (via eBay). Moonman is releasing a new cylindrical “C1” eyedropper to complement the M1 in its lineup. And apparently someone (Bobby Pen) is offering them with different nib grinds?!? this one comes available in architect, Naginata and standard fine.

  10. Moonman Wancai Mini Pocket Eyedropper (via Amazon). I don’t recall seeing a clear acrylic version of Moonman’s smallest eyedropper pen, but apparently one is available now.

  11. Leonardo Momento Zero Blue Hawaii (via Pen Chalet). The most recent addition to my collection of Leonardo pens includes yet another acrylic that contains much of the depth of celluloid. Pen Chalet is also carrying Leonardo’s other model, the Furore.

  12. New Montblanc Inks! (via Appelboom). With apparently little fanfare, Montblanc has revised their ink lineup to include new labels and a few new colors, including “Pop Pink” and “Manganese Orange.” The standard grey and red inks have received new names.

  13. Caran d’Ache 849 Collection Limited Editions (via Goldspot Pens). The Caran d’Ache 849 ballpoint is a reliable workhorse that’s been around for years, and recently the Swiss company has been releasing special and limited edition versions, including a new “Nespresso” pen in India Green.

  14. Faber-Castell Fountain Pens (via Vanness Pens). It’s no secret that I think Faber-Castell makes some of the best sub-$100 fountain pens on the market, including their Ambition and Essentio lines. Vanness stocks a wide selection of Faber-Castell pens in all the various colors.

  15. New Pens from Yoshi Nakama (via 18111com/Etsy). Some new “Falling Sakura” pens have been added to the online store, including pens in light blue, pink, and marble acrylics.

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