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New Products You Should Try: Custom Writing Pads from Blank Slate Paper Company


One new paper product that I’ve been using regularly is this new writing pad from Blank Slate Paper Company. If you’re unfamiliar with Blank Slate, it’s the brainchild of Dave and Kelly Rea, who set out to create a company that would allow stationery enthusiasts to design a “completely customizable writing pad” to their exact specifications. You can choose from dot grid, reticle grid, graph, lined ruling, or even a combination!

For my first pad, I chose the HP Premium 32lb paper with orange dot grid.

For my first pad, I chose the HP Premium 32lb paper with orange dot grid.

When the company first launched last year, only single-sided pads were possible, but double-sided is now an option. Blank Slate offers two paper types: HP Premium 32lb and Domtar Bold 28. I prefer the HP Premium paper, as I’ve found it to be some of the most fountain-pen friendly paper in terms of minimizing bleed-through and feathering. It’s what I use in my printers at home.

Blank Slate products are printed and hand-assembled in Rochester, New York. Single custom writing pads start at $23.50 with a discount on purchases of three or more. Head over to the custom pad design tool – which Dave designed and built himself – and get started now!

Disclaimer: Dave was kind enough to provide me with a discount on the pad pictured here. This post contains affiliate links.

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