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Summer Gift Idea: House Stationery

Summer is officially here and we couldn’t be more excited. There’s nothing better than escaping the city with friends and family and it’s even better when you’re staying with them at their summer house. Summer fees in the Hamptons, no thank you. And while you may have been a hundred times before, getting a host/hostess gift is always appreciated – especially if it’s cute house
House stationery can be found in lake, mountain or beach homes and it may be used by any resident of the house or by any guest during their stay. It typically features the name of the house or the address, but can also be designed to fit the mood of the location. A graphic of a lake, a palm tree, mountains, or a symbol of the home’s name are all nice ways to convey the feeling of the home.


House stationery is different from family stationery. Family stationery features the family surname and/or the given names of all the family members, and is therefore inappropriate for guests to use.


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